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Madison Boewe Atelier

The Ether Ring, Size 5

The Ether Ring, Size 5

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Natural Blackweb Kingman Turquoise is set in solid 14 Karat gold. The beauty of this stone is amplified by its contrast between the dark, matte matrix and shiny, polished, gem grade turquoise. Flecks if pyrite glisten in amongst the landscape of this specimen. Natural pitting seen in this stone is indicative of high grade material this is cut and polished without the use of stabilizers. As such, it will change and evolve with you over years of wear. Oils and moisture will subtly penetrate this natural stone and become a part of you and your history. 

The Ether. The feeling you get when you look up or out into something expansive, something far reaching. I hope this piece takes you far and wide, and becomes part of your ever evolving story. 

Size 5

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