Artist's Statement

Connection lies at the crux of human experience and
that is the goal of my art—To find connection in an emotion. Whether it be
bold, expressive brushstrokes to craft the essence of a face, or meticulously
crafted mountains on the band of a ring, I always aim to connect the viewer, or
wearer, to a deeper feeling. The natural world gives me a sense of peace comparable
to nothing else. It is my goal to share pieces that give that same sense of
contentment. Within my fine art, often, heavier themes are present. I aim to
make the viewer feel deeply. Be it joyous, upset, disturbed or otherwise—I am
only disheartened if the viewer is left unmoved. Where words fall short, art
speaks. I invite my viewer into a framework for reality, where they can then
discern what arises.

Photo by Logan Westom at Bremerton Canvas