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Peregre Ring, #8 Mine Freeform

Peregre Ring, #8 Mine Freeform

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Stunning Number Eight Mine Turquoise sitting in 14 karat gold. The matrix through these stones is unmatched. This delicately simple setting is situated on a 14 gauge band.  

These rings draw inspiration from ancient artifacts with their organic design, and are balanced with a high shine to accent the metals. Each band is hand stamped with small markings to give it that archaeological feel. Influenced by ancient culture, fine art and travel… I hope these pieces will go wide and far with you. 

The word ‘peregre’ is Latin, and literally translates to ‘abroad’ or ‘traveling’. This design gets it’s name not only from the inspiration behind it, but from all the places I hope your heirloom jewelry will go.

Size 6.5


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