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Madison Boewe Atelier

Mountain Ring, Australian Variscite, Size 7(nearly)

Mountain Ring, Australian Variscite, Size 7(nearly)

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Australian Variscite - Size 6.75 (almost 7) 

This collection of rings is inspired by snow capped peaks and lush, green valleys. 
The time I’ve been spending outside has had me reflecting on way I can bring more contentment to my life, and creating these pieces felt symbolic of that.
I hope these pieces imbue that same sense of contentment for you. A reminder to slow down and breath, walk outside, and remember your inherent worth outside of “doing”. 

Settled on 20 gauge silver with a double shank, 14gauge band, 18 gauge mountain range, a shiny sun and array of textures, these pieces are STURDY. 

Designed to feel strong and substantial, with elements of softness and simplicity. Just the the natural world they’re inspired by. 

All of the stones in this collection are high-grade. Pieces I have been hanging onto since the 2019 gem show. Finally ready to find their forever homes. 

Each ring is coated with Renaissance wax—a micro-crystalline museum grade wax that protects the metal and patina from wear. 

I can’t wait to see what adventures these pieces go on with you! 

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