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Madison Boewe Atelier



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Melior  meaning “better” in Latin. A reminder that when things fall apart, they can come back better. This design is created with dark, oxidized silver to accent shiny, 14k gold. Featuring electric White Buffalo and a conflict free, traceable diamond.

***Note that there are two versions of this pendant. Please be sure to select the correct one upon purchase.***

The <<Sfumato>> Collection. Literally meaning “Going up in smoke” in Latin. A willingness to fail, to try again, to embrace uncertainty, ambiguity, paradox…and to keep going.

This collection of jewelry is inspired by the studies of Leonardo Da Vinci. The ultimate whole brain thinker, Da Vinci believed in combining art and science, balancing body with mind, and seeking truth above all else. The essence of these works is that they’re complex in their simplicity. Refinement of skills and precision is necessary in achieving the desired composition, movement, and feel of these pieces. May these works serve as a reminder to whomever they adorn not to ‘strive’ for balance and truth, but to make room for these things in each moment. A subtle calling to always listen to what’s needed.


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