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Madison Boewe Atelier

Crackle Necklace

Crackle Necklace

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Lives Once Lived 

Ceramic tiles collected on the beaches of Italy. 

The best part about found item jewelry is thinking about all the lives it lived before reaching you. 

These pieces were once made by human hands–Made into vases, cups, plates and who-knows-what. Then they were used and loved by more human hands. They then spent their fair share of time in the ocean, on the beach, to be collected by a dear friend of mine.

Next they made their way to me. To be refined and turned into heirloom jewelry. 

Eventually they will make their way to their next home, and maybe even on from there. 

Set in sterling and fine silver. Hanging from a 16 inch silver chain. 

Onto the next life. 

16 inch chain

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